Sample Reception Menus

$10.00 per person
Smoked turkey and Swiss with lettuce wrap sandwich bites
Spinach wrap sandwich bites
Warm garden dip with white corn chips
Assorted domestic cheese cubes and crackers
Bite size chocolate chunk brownies and tangerine bars
Lemonade and lemon water

$12.00 per person
Roast beef on homemade rolls with horseradish sauce
Peppered pit ham on mini buttermilk cheddar biscuits with peach chutney
Mediterranean pasta salad
Display of Carter's cheese rings with pecans and triple berry preserves and crackers, smoky cheddar/olive cheese balls and crackers and lush draping of fresh grapes
Bite size cookies, and bar cookies
Lemonade and lemon water

$16.00 per person
Tiny orange muffins with fried turkey breast and orange marmalade
Mini open faced BLT's
Grilled veggies wrap sandwich bites with herb cream cheese spread
Warm spinach artichoke and alfredo dip with white corn chips
Fresh mushroom confit with goat cheese open faced on focaccia
Fresh fruit display
Bite size baby cakes display--min cupcakes with double frosting
Lemonade and lemon water

$22.00 per person
Pecan crusted chicken bites with honey mustard dipping sauce
Stuffed mushrooms with crisp bacon and cheeses
Shrimp and grits station with shrimp creole over white cheddar grits
Oven roasted pork tenderloin on tiny buttermilk biscuits with apricot relish
Veggie shooters--fresh crisp veggie sticks with green goddess dip in the bottom of the glass
Baked 2 cheese spreads with crackers and flatbreads
Stuffed strawberries with feta, nuts and a honey balsamic drizzle displayed with lush fresh grapes
Assorted bite size sweets display
Lemonade and lemon water

Of course, once again we have many, many more ideas and menus -- including interactive stations and display cooking--in all price ranges. Please just ask us !


Station Menus

Chef attended carving station
Top round of beef and oven roasted or friend turkey breasts with rolls, biscuits and sauces
Also available for your carving station:
Roasted leg of lamb , honey maple ham, peppered pit ham, grilled pork tenderloin, pecan crusted roasted chicken breast, grilled beef tenderloin, whole smoked salmon
All with traditional and twisted breads/rolls and sauces

Pannini Station
Chef attended pressed to order--turkey and brie, roasted red peppers and provolone, beef and cheddar, roasted veggies and provolone etc.

Mashed Potato Station-server attended
Red jacket smashed potatoes, Yukon whipped potatoes, Mashed sweet potatoes with toppings of cheese, sour cream, butter, crisp bacon, sautéed mushrooms, candied pecans, marshmallows, maple syrup, cinnamon brown sugar etc.

Pasta Bar--server attended
Bowtie and Penne pastas with both a mellow tomato marinara and a creamy alfredo with toppings of shaved parmesan cheese, chives, black olives, crushed red peppers, sautéed mushrooms, and steamed veggies--broccoli, squashes etc.
Also available -- grilled chicken, shrimp and crumbled Italian sausage

Dinner In A Glass--server attended
Our famous fried turkey breast slivers over a generous serving into a glass of southern corn bread dressing with homemade smooth turkey gravy spooned over all and topped by a dollop of cranberry relish OR Slivers of our peppered pit ham over a fantastic pineapple cheese casserole and topped by a spoon of traditional green bean casserole OR Garlic smashed Yukon gold potatoes topped with tender bits of roasted beef roast with sautéed onions and mushrooms and topped with a sprinkle of fresh roasted corn kernels

Grits Bar--server attended
Creamy hot grits either salted and buttered or white cheddar wit toppers of shrimp creole, butter, bacon, cheeses, creole tomatoes etc.

Tuscan Station--server attended
Selection of crostini, bruschetta with toppings to select from of tapenade, fig and goat cheese, roasted red peppers and tomatoes, hummus, balsamic glazed grilled veggies, caprise style tomatoes, artichokes and feta, and Tuscan cheeses

School Days Comfort Station--server attended
Crustless mini grilled cheese sandwiches--cheddar, fontina and Swiss with either sour cream or whole wheat with warm soups--tomato basil, loaded potato, split pea and ham, wild mushroom and wild rice

Southwestern Station--server attended
Made to order mini burritos with choice of black beans, red beans, cheeses, seasoned beef, pulled smoked chicken, jalapeños, green chilies, fresh tomatoes, Spanish rice and fresh sour cream, salsa and chives on the side
7 Layered Mexican dip with white corn chips
Mango pineapple salsa with cinnamon chips

Lots of other station ideas--Southern, Asian, New Orleans, Latin, Organic Greens, Dessert, Crepes, Cheesecake and lots and lots more--just ask us!!



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