Cocktail Rolls and Sandwiches

*Beef tenderloin on homemade buttery tiny yeast rolls with horseradish sauce
*Roast beef shaved and piled on homemade yeast rolls with horseradish sauce
*Peppered pit ham on white cheddar biscuits with cranmayo
* Slow smoked and pulled bbq pork on tiny orange muffins with orange marmalade
*Mini pitas with smoked turkey shaved and pilled on with honey/raspberry mayo
* Mini pitas stuffed with grilled veggies and feta
*Grilled pork tenderloin on buttermilk biscuits with a buttermilk scallion mayo
*Sweet potato biscuit with fried turkey breast and peach chutney
*Smoked turkey on orange muffins with orange marmalade
*Portobello mushroom grilled on focaccia with provolone
*Mini new Orleans style muffulettos
*Mini flakey croissants stuffed with our famous chicken salad
*Fried turkey breast wit glazed bacon on homemade rolls

Roll Ups/Finger Sandwiches
*Traditional-smoked turkey, oven roasted turkey, roast beef, ham all with flavored cream cheese spreads, Swiss cheese and lettuce
*Smoked turkey and fig
*Roast beef with blue cheese
*Ham and pineapple with Swiss cheese
*Grilled veggies with feta cheese and white bbq sauce
*Grilled chicken with black beans and white bbq sauce and white cheddar
*Black beans, saffron rice, and special sauce
* Tea/finger sandwiches of cucumber and scallion cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill cream cheese, shredded smoked chicken with watercress and herb cream cheese, pound cake with date cream cheese, Santa Fe chicken, and date cream cheese with crisp bacon

Crostini and Bruschetta
*Shaved flank steak with watercress and blue cheese sauce
*Tomato confit with basil
*Olive tapenade, roasted red peppers and goat cheese, mission fig with goat cheese and honey drizzle
*Parmesan onion
*Mini BLT with remoulade--open faced
*Spicy endive leaves with blue cheese and glazed walnuts


Seafood Hors d' oeuvres

*Bacon wrapped scallops
*Crab cakes
*Crab shooters
*Spicy boiled shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce
*Gulf shrimp salad in tiny phyllo cups
*Pickled shrimp
*Shaved smoked salmon in tiny phyllo cups with dill sauce

Dips, and cheesecakes
*Artesian cheese display
*Domestic or imported cheese display
*Savory blue cheese cake with roasted pear chutney
*Savory Mexican cheese cake
*Savory Italian 3 cheese cheese cake
*Savory grilled eggplant and cheese cheese cake
*Basil , tomato and pesto cheese cake
*Wheel of Brie en Croute with choice of caramelized onions, cranberries and walnuts and lots of other choices
*Baked 2 cheese spread
*Baked pimento cheese spread
*Tender shortbread coins with sharp cheddar or blue cheese
*Baked Swiss and onion dip
*Baked Onion and Gruyere cheese dip
*Chilled spinach dip
*Warm artichoke and spinach alfredo dip
*Chilled BLT dip[
*Chilled Bloody Mary dip
*Traditional red pepper and garlic hummus
*Our famous warm garden dip
*Savory cheese bal, log and rings display

*Mini chicken grilled with lime and chili baste
*Grilled mini beef kabobs with a teriyaki baste
*Grilled mini veggie kabobs with an herb butter baste
*Mini kabobs of grilled smoked sausage and roasted sweet potato chunks with a maple baste
*Mini meatball kabobs with sweet and spicy pineapple baste
*Seasonal fresh fruit kabobs with a key lime drizzle

Tons and tons more ideas for both savory and sweet bites--just ask!


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